Leadership Coach & Trusted Advisor Increasing Clarity, Building Confidence, and Engaging Courage


Today’s most successful leaders are ahead of the curve by investing in personal development skills that also strengthen their ability to address the needs, contributions and aspirations of others, as well as their organization’s goals as a whole.

Through Management and Executive Leadership Development, accredited teacher, recognized researcher and certified professional coach, Dr. Heather Penny, assists organizations around the world to achieve new heights through maximized individual and team potential, and in the further personal development of existing and emerging leaders.


1: an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

Contrary to popular belief, milestones are neither good nor bad at their root. They simply are what you choose them to be, and each represents an opportunity.

For many, they represent an impasse; a time or circumstance that presents a challenge to all that you believed yourself to be, or a ‘questioning’ deep within of where, exactly, you desire to go from here.

As a Leadership Coach & Trusted Advisor, Dr. Heather Penny supports clients in rediscovering and increasing self-awareness, while maximizing their potential through personal ownership regarding the growth they desire.


The empowerment and development of leaders is more than a passion for Dr. Heather Penny. It is the personal and professional culmination of decades-long research and her work with organizations and countless clients to achieve each of their highest potential and dreams.

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Through coaching with Heather, I gained confidence, clarity, discernment, and learned to trust myself while conquering fear, insecurity and self-doubt.
Heather has given me clear, concrete tools that helped me to sort through intellectual baggage and hear a different voice.
Heather taught me how to identify my values, construct healthy boundaries, and strengthen my personal identity.
The coaching process helped me to navigate a time of transition in my life. Heather never told me which path to choose, but she asked great questions that helped me to move forward.
Heather helped me to make significant executive leadership and personal changes. She’s gifted with listening deeply to what is being said, and not said, and offered perspectives and insights that have moved me forward.
Heather has continually held up a mirror to my face. What I see is a potential I previously was unaware of.
My experience during conversations with Heather and personal reflection really launched me into a new season, and helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward.
The freedom and permission Heather gives is so gracious and helps me to see myself clearly …not try to force myself into a life that doesn’t work for me.
Heather coaches on such a personal level that I knew I was being heard and understood every minute we met. I loved having a leader guide me into those dark areas and helping me grasp onto the light.

By engaging Heather’s coaching program, it’s the company communicating value to me as a lead.

As a result of Heather’s coaching, I’m able to more readily recognize individual needs of my workers, as well as plan, shift, and reevaluate my expectations.

I’ve learned how to be more assertive in my communications in a positive non-confrontational manner; this has resulted in more positive and constructive feedback.

Heather helped us develop authentic leadership: all parties owning their parts when there is a breakdown; breaking things into chunks to finish strong on each piece.

We have further realized our individual strengths as leaders and are embracing those to use each of us more effectively.

Because of Heather’s coaching, I believe I have grown considerably as a leader in the past six months and have achieved my target growth areas.

The biggest change was an increased self-awareness. Additionally, we have been communicating better as a department, in my opinion.

Heather taught me it’s okay to put my achiever down and take a minute to Relate; relating will build the trust and the trust is what I will need later to get the feedback we require to grow.

Heather’s process gave me honest feedback of where I stand as a leader, where I want to go and provided a path to achieve my goals.

Since other leaders and supervisors were involved it gave me the confidence and comfort knowing they were supportive and aware of our common goal.

I found Heather’s techniques to conduct self-check-ins helpful, stepping “outside” of situations to evaluate myself.

Four Cornerstones of Co-Active Coaching

Nothing is Wrong,
or Broken With You

You have, or can find the answers. We help you channel self-discovery and support your process of ‘next steps’.

Addressing Your Whole Life

The choices you make, no matter how trivial, support or detract from both your personal and professional life. We’ll help you discover new tools that support a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Our Client’s Agenda is the Agenda

In a co-active coaching relationship, the agenda comes from you, not the coach. We’re focused on getting the results you want, so you set the agenda.

A Designed Partnership

Co-active coaching is one of mutual responsibility; a partnership that meets your needs, and fits your style of working and learning.

Live intentionally… Your time is now.