In our youth, we learn to see ourselves through the eyes of those who love us and those whom we love, accepting the unspoken conditions, values, limitations and expectations associated with honoring that love.


In doing so, we often sacrifice
our dreams, as well as quiet our spirit and gifts
that are uniquely our own. We lose the ability to guide and grow
our Self to become all that we are meant to be.

The Bracelet is a simple, beautifully
illustrated story of embracing
all that we are without sacrificing
ourselves, or the love of others.



    The young girl inside every grown woman needs to read this amazing story.”


    Beautifully written & illustrated, and fun for all ages. A beautiful message for all genders, but especially important for our girls who are susceptible to losing their voices to the pressures of society.”


    If there’s one lesson I want to teach my daughter, The Bracelet IS that lesson!”


    This book has become near and dear to my heart. It makes for a beautiful, easy, endearing read and has become a great tool to initiate conversation between myself and my teenage daughter.”


    Amazing and empowering book for young girls. Loved the beautiful message and illustration. Very happy to have this book in my daughters collection.”



A celebrated Coach, Educator, Facilitator and Speaker, Dr. Heather Penny holds a Ph.D. in Human Services with extensive global experience in consulting, as well as an M.A. in Educational Leadership.

Passionate, grounded and respected in her field as a Professional Coach and Trusted Advisor, Heather’s international clients include executives and educators, multi-industry professionals and budding entrepreneurs seeking to achieve successful lives that are more fulfilling, dynamic and contributing.

Her work as a credentialed teacher for twenty years and dedicated researcher lead her on a journey to address the alarming decline of self-esteem in young girls; a decline that clearly persists today long into the adult lives of many of her female clients. Still, it was her most cherished role as a mother that ultimately captured Heather’s vision and ability to change that dynamic with The Bracelet.

As an intervention tool for women and girls of all ages, Heather’s vision continues in the sharing of The Bracelet with teachers and book clubs, youth groups and professional mentors, counselors, coaches and parents as a means to create a new paradigm of authentic living for young girls, and for women seeking to rewrite the lives of their dreams.