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Interview with an 11-year Old Girl

What do you like about being a girl? That I get to wear fancy dresses and do fun stuff with my hair….and being feminine. And learning different ways in how to express myself as a girl. What’s important to you? My friends and family because they love me and care for me and are always [...]

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Asking the Question that Helps… not Hurts

I spend my days talking and listening to women. I love my job as a professional coach. However, a reoccurring question began to bug me in each conversation. One of the most repeated questions I hear women ask is “What is wrong with me?!?” I hear it asked in moments of acute frustration, overwhelming despair, [...]

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Spiritual Intelligence

What is spiritual intelligence? How do we grow it? What are some signs that our spiritual intelligence is in distress? How does it impact our overall well-being? Spiritual intelligence is the intelligence with which we address and solve problems of meaning and value, the intelligences with which we can place our actions and our lives [...]

My Word for the Year — ENJOY

New Year’s resolutions don’t seem to really work for me. However, I did find that focusing on one word for the year fits how I think. It’s as if the year is filtered through one word as I marinate within in it for the year. Last year, my word was ABUNDANCE. And my whole life [...]