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Returning to What is True – 12 Truths for Wholehearted Living

Whew!  What a year!  2014 was intense.  On a professional level, it included: launching a coaching company (no one is EVER fully prepared for starting a new adventure…what a ride!  Oh the places I went!) developing a leadership team (wow…requires A LOT of on-going communication to ensure mission and vision are developed as well as [...]

Intentionally Remain Open To The Life We Want

In talking with a woman today, we discussed how far she had come in learning how to be open.   Her whole life had dramatically changed in areas of relating positively and powerfully to both herself and others.  She had learned how to care for herself as positively as she cared for others.  She had learned [...]

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How to Develop a Rest Plan in Your Life

I captured this moment with my husband and our dog, Beemer in our backyard.  It made me laugh because they both seemed to be pondering the state of their lives together.  Almost as if they both knew their need for a contemplative moment to consider life. I am reminded of the importance to stop and [...]

Build Visual Anchors In Your Life

This may not look much to you.  But it is a quick drawing I just completed this morning.  Why?  Because I need anchors in my life.  I talk a lot about the importance of anchors to keep us grounded and growing our roots down deep into the life we want. When we engage the right [...]

The Necessary Ingredient for a Full Life

Life is Constantly Transitioning If we choose to grow, we will grow.  I know…that’s the understatement of the year.  But evolving and growing with life does require an intentional choice….otherwise we will drift.  When we choose to avoid growth, the reality is we begin to drift further and further away from where we really want [...]

5 Steps to Establishing Constructive Communication

Leading well with emphasis on fostering positive community and relational teamwork requires a commitment to ‘weed out’ confusion and constructively address what is causing the group anxiety. This was I lesson I recently learned in leading a team of highly gifted individuals.  After a successful event, I began to pick up on a general sense [...]

Befriending Your Anxiety

She carried much anxiety in her words. There was the fear of increased responsibilities in her upcoming promotion…parenting her 12-year old daughter…watching her husband struggle in his job…wondering how to care for her aging parents…navigating an upcoming move…caring for her twin boys…serving in her volunteer position….it was A LOT.  Honestly, I felt the weariness sweep [...]

Catching Dragonflies

I love this picture.  It was a moment captured when they didn’t know I was watching.  My son is showing my daughter a dragonfly.  She is in a wheelchair from a broken foot and he has just caught one.  Luke is very proud of his ability to catch dragonflies by stealthfully capturing their tails when [...]

Why the Self-sabotage?

Our conversation started out with the heartfelt exclamation, “Why am I sabotaging myself?  I always do this to myself. “ Reflecting back, she said it started in high school in not being able to finish the all-important paper.  Limping through college as she struggled to finish a class.  Moving from job to job throughout her [...]

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