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MeRetreats – What They Are and Why You Need Them

"The truth is this—the world is waiting for you to show up in all your shining authentic glory. There is a space in this world that is created just for you. And it is your responsibility—and privilege— to find out."   Heather Penny, Ph.D.   There’s a scene in the movie, Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts that still [...]

Summer Book Review

"I absolutely LOVE to read!" Heather Penny, Ph.D. For those of you who know my allegory of The Bracelet – reading is my tire swing.  And I like all types of genres.  So, throughout the seasons, I'll share some of my favorites and how they are influencing my life.  May you be encouraged, intrigued and inspired! [...]

The Shadow Side of Being a Hero

"We each hold the ability within us to be a hero.  But doing this requires us to face the shadows.  It’s not all glory, standing ovations, and victorious celebrations for heroes.  To live a heroic life, one must be able to push through the shadow side." Heather Penny, Ph.D. When’s the last time you witnessed [...]

3 Reasons Why You Need a MeRetreat

"Some areas in my life were actually going great but there was still this heaviness about returning back to my day-to-day life." Heather Penny, Ph.D. When’s the last time you took days – not just hours – for your SELF –to do whatever you wanted? Many of you have heard me talk about MeRetreats – a term [...]

The risk is worth it. Be All In.

3C Living has many facets including loving well. Loving with strong clarity, clear confidence and resolute courage. It’s a commitment we make to be all in. Heather Penny, Ph.D. I've learned the value of ‘being all in’ through loving a strong man for over 25 years. And being no ‘wilting daisy’ myself, conversations can sometimes [...]

3C Living for Leaders

Leaders who commit to growing their Clarity, increasing their Confidence, and engaging their Courage live with an authentic strength that inspires people to follow. Heather Penny I was talking to a CEO just yesterday.  We were dealing with a complex issue that had many possibilities for resolve.  But there was no clear path forward.  Although [...]

6 Staying Powers of Great Leaders

Leaders are "anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.” Brene Brown This definition got me thinking about the leaders that have inspired me and how I would define them:  Who makes me lean in and listen a little closer?  Who makes [...]

Increasing Your Clarity

clarity/clar-i-ty n. the quality of being clear the quality of being easily understood the quality of being certain or definite How’s your Clarity going?  Are you remembering to pull over your car and take a rest?  I know—some days are better than others.  Be kind to yourself.  Don’t judge yourself harshly when you notice that [...]

#1 Tool to Increase Clarity – it’s not what you think!

clarity/clar-i-ty n. the quality of being clearthe quality of being easily understoodthe quality of being certain or definite When was the last time you saw with crystal clarity?  You held a certainty about the way you understood things.   It’s a good feeling isn’t it?  Clarity is a light that shines the way, while confusion is [...]