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Loving Well

Choosing to love well really is just that—a choice— and one well worth the effort.    With this being the season of love and celebrating Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write about what I’ve learned about loving well. However, huge disclaimer— Please don’t mistake my desire to discuss this topic as any sort of declaration [...]

Our Beliefs

"False beliefs can escalate the intensity in a challenging conversation because of the fear they bring into the relationship.  Fortunately, this time I heard the belief I was saying to myself and stayed curious enough to check it."   Being mindful of how your beliefs can set a challenging conversation up for success—or tank it—makes [...]

The Holiday Challenge

"Over the years, the way we structure our holidays continues to evolve.  Our days, events and traditions are driven by peace and authentic joy.  We are more intentional about how we engage."   It had been another very full week.  Between neighborhood gatherings, work parties, family get-togethers, and holiday celebrations, we found ourselves congratulating ourselves [...]

ABC’s of Holiday Thriving

It’s not so much about what you do, it’s about how you stay curious with yourself.    Preparing your heart and mind for the holidays is not just about balancing the demands of life and surviving, but it can actually be about thriving and enjoying the holidays. This week I have been asked by several [...]

You Are What You Listen To

"Being intentional about who you listen to supports the mindset you want to cultivate."     Heather Penny, Ph.D. Taking time to listen to voices that inspire and encourage will support you as you face the ever changing moments in your life.  It’s like filling your inner fuel tank to ensure you have what you need [...]