#2 Honoring Relationships

Dear Friends~ How do we honor relationships when it hurts? In talking with a woman recently, I heard her pain through the phone.  She had been abandoned and rejected by friends, lovers, and family members…her story was a long litany of feeling unloved.  My heart ached with her.  Haven’t we all experienced the deep pain [...]

#2 Honoring Your Relationships

Dear Friends~ With February being the month that celebrates relationships, I thought it fitting to focus on my second truth for Wholehearted Living…#2 Honoring Relationships. Recently, I facilitated a workshop for mothers and daughters.  As a mother of a 12-year-old girl, and the adult daughter of an aging mother, it is poignant to witness the [...]

Intentionally Remain Open To The Life We Want

In talking with a woman today, we discussed how far she had come in learning how to be open.   Her whole life had dramatically changed in areas of relating positively and powerfully to both herself and others.  She had learned how to care for herself as positively as she cared for others.  She had learned [...]

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Befriending Your Anxiety

She carried much anxiety in her words. There was the fear of increased responsibilities in her upcoming promotion…parenting her 12-year old daughter…watching her husband struggle in his job…wondering how to care for her aging parents…navigating an upcoming move…caring for her twin boys…serving in her volunteer position….it was A LOT.  Honestly, I felt the weariness sweep [...]

Why the Self-sabotage?

Our conversation started out with the heartfelt exclamation, “Why am I sabotaging myself?  I always do this to myself. “ Reflecting back, she said it started in high school in not being able to finish the all-important paper.  Limping through college as she struggled to finish a class.  Moving from job to job throughout her [...]

Interview with an 11-year Old Girl

What do you like about being a girl? That I get to wear fancy dresses and do fun stuff with my hair….and being feminine. And learning different ways in how to express myself as a girl. What’s important to you? My friends and family because they love me and care for me and are always [...]

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Asking the Question that Helps… not Hurts

I spend my days talking and listening to women. I love my job as a professional coach. However, a reoccurring question began to bug me in each conversation. One of the most repeated questions I hear women ask is “What is wrong with me?!?” I hear it asked in moments of acute frustration, overwhelming despair, [...]

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