How to Develop a Rest Plan in Your Life

I captured this moment with my husband and our dog, Beemer in our backyard.  It made me laugh because they both seemed to be pondering the state of their lives together.  Almost as if they both knew their need for a contemplative moment to consider life. I am reminded of the importance to stop and [...]

The Necessary Ingredient for a Full Life

Life is Constantly Transitioning If we choose to grow, we will grow.  I know…that’s the understatement of the year.  But evolving and growing with life does require an intentional choice….otherwise we will drift.  When we choose to avoid growth, the reality is we begin to drift further and further away from where we really want [...]

Catching Dragonflies

I love this picture.  It was a moment captured when they didn’t know I was watching.  My son is showing my daughter a dragonfly.  She is in a wheelchair from a broken foot and he has just caught one.  Luke is very proud of his ability to catch dragonflies by stealthfully capturing their tails when [...]

My Word for the Year — ENJOY

New Year’s resolutions don’t seem to really work for me. However, I did find that focusing on one word for the year fits how I think. It’s as if the year is filtered through one word as I marinate within in it for the year. Last year, my word was ABUNDANCE. And my whole life [...]