Leaders who commit to growing their Clarity, increasing their Confidence, and engaging their Courage live with an authentic strength that inspires people to follow.

Heather Penny

I was talking to a CEO just yesterday.  We were dealing with a complex issue that had many possibilities for resolve.  But there was no clear path forward.  Although we had clarity on several options, we had no guarantee for how it would turn out.  It was a sticky wicket to be sure.  No easy answer and many moving parts.  As we considered the possible ways to handle it and the varying implications, he finally responded with, “We’ll do the right thing.”

I loved his confident response. It settled the indecision for the time-being and invoked an air of trust in the process.  And confidence in his intuition. 

It communicated Clarity on the possible options, Confidence that the right decision would be made, and Courage to show up well.  There was a presence he held.  And it made me instinctively trust his leadership.  We had worked together for years and I felt rather proud of his growth.  And knowing him as well as I do – I knew he would do the right thing.  It wasn’t just lip service.  I would follow him.  

This is what I call 3C Living.  In the work I do with Leadership Coaching, it is about increasing this presence.  Whether I am working with top executives and CEOS, parents, teachers, or entrepreneurs – we are always about increasing clarity, building confidence, and engaging courage.  As we strengthen all three, our presence grows, and we learn how to authentically offer a secure leadership voice.  And aren’t we all looking for more grounded leaders? 

Be Clarity.

Be Confidence.

Be Courage.

Our world needs more of this.   How will you strengthen your 3C Living presence and voice?

Cheering you on as you step into more,