clarity/clar-i-ty n.

  1. the quality of being clear
  2. the quality of being easily understood
  3. the quality of being certain or definite

How’s your Clarity going?  Are you remembering to pull over your car and take a rest?  I know—some days are better than others.  Be kind to yourself.  Don’t judge yourself harshly when you notice that you are running too hard.  Just let yourself pull over at a rest stop and take a breath.  It is in the resting where you get the clarity you need to 1- know where you are going, and 2-set the pace for how you want to get there. 

Many of you have been sharing with me how your Clarity is growing from rest.  And it is so inspiring to get a peek into your journey.  Here’s what made me smile as I heard the connections between clarity and rest:

  • Gaining clarity means telling myself that it’s ok to take “me time” to rest.
  • I am learning a new ability to put into tangible practice several ways to rest—knowing this brings more clarity.
  • As I’m learning to rest daily, I am ‘turning off’ the judgment I hear from myself that only brings guilt. 
  • Realizing that I deserve to rest and desperately need it to have clarity in my life is changing my life. 
  • My clarity is to enjoy having joy—knowing that I am free to rest in a busy, busy world.
  • Learning to rest is a discipline. 
  • Clarity helped me move forward in areas I have been stuck for too long – and I could only do this by resting in a way that truly restores me. 
  • I am noticing that learning to rest is vulnerable for me and it requires me to stay open to the type of rest I need for that day.  Sometimes it’s a walk in nature and sometimes it’s quiet meditation. 
  • When I chose to rest with art time, I didn’t realize how much passion I had or how creative I was. 
  • Going on a beautiful walk out in nature is restorative rest for me.  It is bringing new clarity as I do this each day. 
  • As I chose to do something mindless with art, I couldn’t believe how good it felt.  It’s been so long—too long—since I have made time for me.
  • It was so wonderful to escape into art and doodling as I engaged the right side of my brain—I had no idea how this would help me.
  • Hitting the pause button on life made me feel so powerful.
  • I have so many ideas for how to rest—now I just have to commit to doing it.
  • I am learning the difference between falling over in exhaustion and resting restoratively.  They are two different types of resting and I want more of the restorative rest.
  • Getting lost in what helped me rest felt like an escape from my schedule and the pressures from the day.

Do you resonate with any of these comments?  Does it inspire you to step into how you need to rest?

Learning to rest restoratively takes consistent practice.  Try making a daily commitment to rest each day RESToratively.  Choose something to do daily for as little as 10 minutes up to an hour and see how your clarity increases. 

Hint:  When you engage the right side of the brain, it can be a beautiful type rest that allows you to give the left side of your brain (that is always thinking, scheduling, and troubleshooting) a rest from keeping up with your demanding life. 

Here’s some ideas:

  • Listen to your favorite playlist as you doodle and engage the right side of your brain
  • Take a walk in nature as you listen to your favorite songs or a podcast.
  • Meditate in silence on your True Belief.
  • Get lost in a painting, drawing or playing an instrument.
  • Sit in silence as you enjoy the beauty of the wind blowing through the trees.

Learning to rest in order to grow your clarity is only the beginning.  There’s so much more for you as you step into a thriving life.  3C Living is about Clarity, Confidence and Courage – and Clarity is where we start.

I am excited to be sharing how we build on our Clarity and increase Confidence at my next event.  Come join me where you will learn how to grow your Confidence as we practice ways to shut down false beliefs and invite in new beliefs that support us stepping into the life we want.

My heart is with you and for you,