Life has a way of boxing us in when, out of convenience or self-limitations, or even some skewed duty to others we fail to reach our potential. We often look at the success of others and wonder what their secret is; better support, a stronger financial base, or maybe even dumb luck that allowed them to be successful?

Successful people (success being defined differently by everyone) are typically creative people and they share traits that fuel their drive.

The goal here isn’t to twist yourself into a pretzel trying to achieve all 18 items, or become something you’re not. But I bet if you gave this list a gander, you’d find at least a few areas that resonate, yet haven’t played a role in your life of late. Might it be time to embrace some of your own creativity?

  • They daydream
  • They observe everything
  • They work the hours that work for them
  • They take time for solitude
  • They turn life’s obstacles around
  • They seek out new experiences
  • They ‘fail up’
  • They ask the big questions
  • They people-watch
  • They take risks
  • They view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression
  • They follow their true passions
  • They get out of their heads
  • They lose track of time
  • They surround themselves with beauty
  • They connect the dots
  • They constantly shake things up
  • They make time for mindfulness