Frustration, a sense of detachment in your personal or professional life (or both!), and the inability to see a path forward can cloud your perspective and thus, make the world in which you exist feel smaller and darker with each passing day.

Your thoughts and actions, and more importantly, your reactions begin to come from a place that only serves to dig your emotional hole even deeper. As your strengths and natural ability to navigate daily life slip into the fog, unavailable or unrecognizable, your weaknesses seem to multiply and rise to the forefront of your every thought.

It’s at this crossroad that the most damaging and limiting thought can occur. “What’s wrong with me?”

The short answer to that question is, NOTHING!

Such a question, aside from being cruel and disheartening, does nothing to actually help you receive an honest and actionable answer. Alter it slightly to, “What’s wrong with this situation?” however, and your emotional walls start to lose a few bricks, making it possible to see through the cracks to the other side where real and purposeful answers do exist.

My work as a coach is grounded in helping people ask the right questions, and as a result, garnish answers that illuminate truth: real danger vs. perceived fear seeded long ago perhaps by an unrelated crisis. The right questions, combined with the right tools, can help you rediscover your strengths, your value and your personal power, and apply them towards a healthier, supportive and successful path forward. The right questions can fuel your personal and professional growth in amazing ways.

If you’re stuck in the land of ‘What’s wrong with me?’ and are committed to the challenging process of obtaining real answers and growth, coaching may be an excellent path forward for you.

You can learn more about my coaching process by downloading The Coaching Relationship, a free PDF.



My heart is with you and for you,