I was out for my typical New Year’s ‘kicking things back into gear after eating my way through the holidays run’ and thinking about the big blank slate of the new year in front of me. What did I want out of 2017? Besides wanting to run more than 10 minutes without huffing because I just took the last month off, I realized I wanted more. I wanted what was true.

  • What is true about who I am and who I am becoming?
  • What is true about what I want and what I need?
  • What is true about where I want to invest? Both in projects and in relationships?
  • What is true behind my restlessness or discontent?
  • What is true about who I am as a parent? A wife? A friend?
  • What is true about American politics? (ok…maybe not this one…I only have one life to live and this question could dominate all my focus)

But I am realizing that if I want to know the truth behind any matter, I have to engage 2 actions:

1-Raise my Self-Awareness

2-Invite in Feedback

Raising my self-awareness starts with asking good questions that honestly evaluates the path I am on and the choices I am making. Most importantly, it is having the courage to answer them honestly.

Here’s how a friend recently described this:

The secret I’m learning is that you have never really arrived in life. Becoming self-aware by recognizing what is working and what is not working raises our self-awareness. Assessing and developing my intentions clearly so that I’m not floundering as life shifts and changes is so important. If I have these intentions clearly set, when life changes, I can assess why I’m not moving and what tools I need to shift. The tools are crucial, but it is the self-awareness that keeps the tools moving clearly in the direction I want to go.

Great, huh? So I had to ask…”What are your intentions?”

“Separating my emotions to find my own needs and learn how to voice them,” she responded.

“How do you want to do this?” I asked.

“Visualize getting into my own bubble when I am feeling overwhelmed and taking a moment to ask myself what I truly want.”

Well said.

Self-awareness requires making the space to assess and ask the right questions.

This in turn will give you the opportunity to invite in feedback and explore what is true.

So, in the hopes of staying true to who I am, the path I am on, and the values I hold…my word for the year is TRUE. In the spirit of inviting in feedback, let me know what you think and I’d love to hear your word for the year as well.

My heart is with you and for you,