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What is an E-Course?

An E-Course is an online class, that allows for personal growth in the comfort of your own home, at your own time and your own pace. Each week includes a teaching video, discussion video, downloadable workbook, and take home activity. This six week course is modular in design, allowing you to engage with the video, discussion, and activity portions as time allows.

Plus there is bonus downloadable content including Printable Artwork, activities, and more!

If you’re wondering what this e-course is about and if it’s a good fit for you…Below are answers to some FAQ’S we’ve been asked along our journey of creating this transformational life coaching tool.

Who is this e-course for?

This e-course is for the individual reflecting on questions and looking to go deeper.

What is the course focus?

This course teaches how to self-reflect and explore areas of:

  • Rest – how it significantly influences our clarity
  • Beliefs – how to identify the False Beliefs and True Beliefs to support us in moving forward
  • Faith – how to engage our faith to anticipate new possibilities
  • Action – how to develop peaceful action steps based on new clarity

What will I walk away with?

Tools to support and sustain your journey in growing your clarity:

  • Learn: new tools to engage your true beliefs
  • Discover: clarity you need to move forward
  • Explore: what holds you back
  • Connect: with your inner voice
  • Engage: a peaceful intentionality regarding your restorative rest
  • Reflect: on questions that inspire new clarity and new possibilities

Couch Time

Each week we spend time in discussion with the Executive Leadership Team of Arise & Be, discussing the content learned and what it looks like when you apply that practically in your life.