RESTorative Rest

“The story of your life would be too small if it was just about managing fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. “ I recently heard myself say this to a woman. For the first time, she was daring to believe that her life could be filled with peace. We had been talking about her depleted energy and her fear of not having enough time…even her deep-seated fear of ‘never being enough’. Believing that peace gets to be cultivated was an ‘ah-ha’ moment for her. It gave her the permission to focus on growing peace….rather than using her energy to manage anxiety.

This idea of RESTorative Rest has been an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me. Learning how to cultivate Restorative Rest that goes beyond the 8-hour night or the occasional nap has changed my life. Developing daily patterns in Rest has increased my clarity in areas of job-change, parenting decisions, spiritual questions, new life-vision, marriage, and personal relationships.

How do you know when your Rest is RESTorative?

When you feel peace.

Simply put, you will feel a peaceful confidence as your clarity is restored. Clear action steps emerge that align with True Beliefs and Personal Faith. You take the time to listen to your inner dialogue and receive what is True while rejecting what is False.

When this woman rested, she heard the guilt about ‘never being enough’.   When I rest, I often hear the False Belief that ‘I don’t have what I need to be successful’. We all have our inner critics. RESTorative Rest gives us the space and time to listen in order to change our inner dialogue. “I am enough”, “I do have what it takes to be successful” and “I am being led and guided” becomes the inner dialogue. We come out of our Restorative Rest re-centered again and reminded of our choice to cultivate peace.

I know it feels counter-intuitive to rest when we are trying to make big moves in life. Or when we are feeling the pressure to transition….or honestly, we are just feeling vulnerable about life. But Restorative Rest is exactly what we need in order to align our action steps with peace rather than anxiety.

  • Last Friday, I led a Coaching Workshop, Engaging the Clarity Process….and it all started with Rest. We sat in nature, invited in good questions, and allowed ourselves to listen to our inner dialogue and the whispers of God. Guess what happened? We all walked away with more clarity, more peace, more joy, and more confidence. This is what RESTtorative Rest should be.

Explore what Restorative Rest is to you. Is it a walk in nature? Listening to an inspiring podcast? Doodling? Reading inspiring thoughts? Putting your feet up and watching birds in your backyard? Joining a community of friends that values Restorative Rest? Find your daily practice for RESTorative Rest and notice your inner dialogue. Engage your True Beliefs, Choose your Faith, and Set your course of Action. Try it. You will be amazed at the clarity, confidence and courage that emerge.

My heart is with you and for you,


Here’s some questions for you to quiet the busyness and provide space to grow from the inside:

  • What inspires me?
  • What makes me come alive?
  • Where do I want more Clarity? Confidence? Courage?
  • What’s holding me back?
  • What are my True Beliefs? What are my False Beliefs?
  • Where do I choose to engage my Faith?

Taking these questions into our RESTorative Rest teaches us how to engage our heart….and as we explore what we love, we will experience new creativity, new vision, and new possibility.

P.P.S. E-course coming soon on the Clarity Process!