What choices are we making to engage joy?

Tis the season to be joyful…but sometimes…

  • Sometimes we are frustrated about how much we can’t get done.
  • Sometimes we are overwhelmed with our responsibilities that pile up around us like dirty laundry.
  • Sometimes we treat ourselves like our own worst enemy by creating impossible lists and tasks we can’t accomplish in a month…much less in a day.

We are preparing for a beautiful holiday season, but I am becoming acutely aware of how engaging joy requires choosing well. More specifically, choosing how to treat ourselves can either engage a flow of joy…or suffocate it.

Recently, this dawned on me as I felt the frustration grow. With thoughts like “Why can’t anyone else change the laundry?” “Would it kill them to wipe down the kitchen counters?” and “Seriously, can I just get an hour to myself without being interrupted?!?” I realized my frustration stemmed from a deeper place. A place where I doubted that I was enough…and my response to this insecurity was to pile it on. Work harder, make bigger lists, keep up with ‘the busy’…anything to prove to myself (and others) that I was truly enough.

How sad.

Not only was I sucking the joy out of the relationships I loved most dearly, but I was not giving myself what I truly needed. Time to address my deep sense of needing to prove myself and time to replace my ‘false beliefs’ with ‘true beliefs’.

As I took the time I needed to unwind, (a run in nature, sitting down with my art, reading, etc) I heard my true beliefs emerge. “I am Enough.” “I get to Trust myself.” “I get to be Kind to myself.” “I have everything I Need to have the life I Want.”


Yes, this is what I want to remember during this joyful season. I want to show up as a participant in the act of engaging joy. And this starts with how I treat myself.

Today, my act of self-kindness was sitting down with a cup of tea, staring out into the rain for 30 minutes of doing nothing…what a treat.

How will you find ways to be kind to your Self to engage joy this holiday season?

My heart is with you and for you,


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