Hello Friends~

I have come to believe a universal truth regarding how we enter this world and the question we all ask. This identity question reveals it self most acutely (and sometimes painfully) when we are transitioning or daring to risk. This is the question:

”Do I have what it takes?”

Here’s some personal examples:

  • A friend starting a company for the first time
  • My 13-year old daughter transitioning into the early dawn of adulthood
  • A colleague inviting me into a conversation about new ideas around a project
  • A student daring to show up with a new idea in his paper
  • A mother stepping into new conversations with her son about his identity
  • My 11-year old son navigating the world of sports and trying out for Student Council
  • My husband stepping into a new business adventure
  • ME going back to school for my PhD and wondering if I’ll ever be able to write a dissertation
  • A man stepping into hard conversations with those he supervises
  • A woman vulnerably risking to date again after her husband left her
  • A 45-year young woman learning to trust new friendships after a childhood of abuse
  • ME stepping into a new career after decades in a field where I knew how to be successful
  • ME showing up as wife and mother
  • A young woman applying for graduate school
  • A manager applying for executive leadership in her company
  • A woman hiring professional coaching to explore what is “hidden deep within” but scared it might never be given a voice
  • A Supervisor facing his inner self-talk to offer stronger leadership

Notice all the shifting happening both internally and externally? Life never stops handing out change.

In the midst of changes we are confronted with this Deep Down Question that WE are all asking….”Do I have what it takes?”

Do I have what it takes to risk and be successful? Do I have what it takes to summon the courage? Do I have what it takes to even define success? Do I have what it takes to lead this team? Do I have what it takes to lead anything? Do I have what it takes to know how to respond when I have lost my way? Do I have what it takes to choose a better path? Do I have what it takes to finish well? Do I have what it takes to know next steps? Do I have what it takes to offer substance to the world? Do I have what it takes to show up authentically? Do I have what it takes to ‘stay the course?’

The list goes on. This one question is attached to a host of questions that align with our ever-strengthening identity formation.

And the answer to these is a resounding YES!!! We all need to hear this answer…especially during our most vulnerable times of transition and risk.

But taking this question (whether directly asked or simply implied) to the right person and inviting in a conversation can often be the challenge. When we take this question to the wrong person, we may experience rejection, misunderstanding, discouragement, frustration, and simply put…’a loss in momentum’ for who we are becoming and where we want to go.

In our vulnerable times of risking and transitioning, taking this sacred identity question to people who…

  • believe in the personal journey
  • value individual identity and uniqueness
  • know how to ask good questions without giving answers
  • make it safe to explore without judgment
  • love seeing you succeed

…makes all the difference.

Knowing someone is in our corner changes everything. I have faced my toughest challenges and witnessed countless others transcend to great heights when someone believed with us that we DO have what it takes.

Where are you transitioning or risking? Who are you inviting into this journey?

Choose wisely…and Go. For. It.

My heart is with you and for you,