Creativity is what makes the heart come alive and engages our mind to come up with fresh ideas and new possibilities. It is with creativity that we are able to live beautiful dynamic lives.

So, what keeps so many of us stuck from living creatively? What continues to rob us from the energy needed to nurture creative living? Oftentimes we become stuck in our lives because our creativity is draining out of us like water from a broken glass.

So what drains creativity? And what do we need to nurture it?

The #1 reason for ‘creativity drain’ is getting distracted by other people’s lives and the choices they are making.

Here’s where I witnessed this recently when I was talking with a woman who had some beautiful life goals, but was sharing how she was extremely tired. Her dream was to start a new business, write a book, and become a physically fit. How inspiring, right? So, I asked my favorite question that we all love and dread…”What’s holding you back?”

Her response, “I’m helping someone else with their dream to start a business.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because they need me,” she said.

“But what about you and your dreams?” I asked.

It was painfully obvious that she was giving up her life for someone else. And taking responsibility for someone else’s dream was wearing her out as well as robbing her of her creativity and energy to pursue her own dreams.

(Side note: Now, let me be clear…is it good to help people and support their dreams? Yes! But I think we all know when the line is crossed and our ‘help’ is becoming an excuse to avoid what we really want.)

We can only live our own life and be responsible for the dreams we carry within us. When we begin to live other people’s dreams and ignore our own, the creativity leaks out and the weariness settles over our spirit like a dark cloud.

Recognizing this truth will empower us to step boldly into our own lives and nurture our dreams creativity through art, music, beauty, and inspiration. We can do this by engaging the right side of the brain where new ideas and fresh vision open up that supports us in overcoming challenges and setting a new course for our life.

Try it out for yourself.

Action Step: Set aside 30 minutes to listen to your favorite music while you doodle, draw or paint. After you are done ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes me come alive?
  • What do I want more of?
  • What is blocking me?
  • What steps do I want to take?

Try this daily for a week and create what I call ‘Space Within’ time to reflect on what inspires you and what moves you. You will be surprised at what is revealed…setting aside this time puts your story first and nurtures your creative spirit that we so desperately need to feed in order to live our best lives.

In summary:  Stay the course and focus on your dreams. Recognize when you are getting sucked into other people’s stories that distract you from your own.

p.s. This was a huge tool I used (along with hiring a coach) to transition out of education into coaching, finish my doctorate, launch a successful coaching practice, and start a coaching company.