When we lean into love…we are partnering with the Divine.

Talking with a woman recently highlighted this unique choice we each have.  Her comment made us both laugh when she shared how she wanted to turn to her colleague in a meeting and say, “Please stop talking”.  Has this thought ever crossed your mind with certain individuals?  I know it has for me.  But how we choose to respond in the moment of annoyance makes all the difference.  Do we give into the annoyance or do we use it to drive us back to a power beyond ourselves?

Choosing to use the opportunity to build value in the relationship and honor the roles we each must play will significantly influence our responses.  In this case, she responded with an affirmation of thanking him for the role he played on their team and then asked him to better clarify his goal regarding alignment with the overall vision.  The outcome was powerful.  Because of her choice to honor the relationship, she was able to communicate his value on the team as well as redirect his communication to align with the team’s vision where a successful solution emerged.

When we partner with the Divine, we will get powerful outcomes that honor each person and empower the roles we each must play.  Choosing how to respond in love invites in a power that is beyond our human ability.

Partnering with the Divine recognizes that each person has an important role to play.

Partnering with the Divine empowers people to find their best and confidently offer it back to the world.

Inviting in these questions partners with the Divine in honoring relationships:

  • What is the role you have to play?
  • What is your best to offer?

Here’s a challenge I offer (with all fingers pointing back), try using annoyance to trigger a choice to love…invite in something better and stronger than yourself.

My heart is with you and for you,