Holding life’s many tensions is challenging.  So how do we do this well?

We do it by…

1- Withdrawing to reflect on great questions.

2-Listening for the answers within.

3-Engaging the right side of our brain through music, beauty, art to inspire vision and creative solutions.

4-Being intentional about our community and who we invite into our journey.

I was able to witness this when I recently interacted with a beautiful community of friends for 2 hours on a Friday morning.  Making the space to live intentionally, we asked good questions that honored our journeys.  It was a time to  to hear what our hearts were whispering  as we gained increased clarity for how we want to live.

Be intentional.  Make the space to hear your heart.  Engage the right side of your brain through creative activities.  You will be amazed at how you are able to live with more peace and hold the many tensions of life with increased confidence.

My heart is with you and for you in this journey,