Dear Friends Who Love to Grow,

I love Spring.  I love this season that brings growth, fresh possibilities, new buds…and a sense of aliveness that pulses all around us.  As I look out my office window, I see a green lawn littered with pink cherry blossoms fallen from the cherry tree standing over our yard…a bush blooming in the most outrageous color of pink….and birds dancing with one another in and out of a tree with thousands of little buds.  It makes me breathe deeply anticipating what’s coming.   What’s going on beneath the surface that is preparing trees to bud…flowers to blossom…and fruit to grow?  What roots are working hard to feed new growth?

Working in my garden this past week is making me acutely aware of what we need to foster growth….how we prepare and how we protect.  How do we prepare for growth?  How do we protect the growth emerging?  Just as we prepare the soil and make space for new growth, we also prepare our hearts and minds by making space to ‘become’.  ‘Making Space to Become’ is my #3 truth in my blog series of “Returning to What is True – 12 Truths for Wholehearted Living”.  This month, I am anticipating the growth as we explore Making Space to Become.

In talking with a woman recently, it was inspiring to hear her excitement over the phone.  She had been working for months to move out of a job that was frustrating, overwhelming and wearisome.  As she moved away from her fear of being trapped and embraced the belief that she gets to live in more, her life opened up.  Just like the blossoms that spring forth unexpectedly.  She interviewed for her dream job position, and was called back a week later with the exciting news that she had been chosen.  Our last conversation was filled with energy, excitement and celebration as she shared her first week on the job.  She had dared to believe in new possibilities.

Does life always work out this easy?  Are there always these happy endings?  Is it just the simple act of believing in something better that gets us what we want?  Nope…as we all know.  But I was a witness to her daily life over the past year and I learned what it means to make space to become as she protected and prepared for new growth by monitoring her energy, environment, and empowerment.  These 3 focus areas were like the sun, water, and fertilizer that helped her step into the life she wanted:

Her energy – she said ‘No’ to overtime, negative conversations, and inappropriate work behavior that depleted her energy.

Her environment – she protected her space in the workplace and at home to feel safe and secure and nurture the decisions she was making.

Her empowerment – she stepped into her power by seeking out a new position and interviewing…eventually risking a new change by accepting the position.

Do you see the intentionality?  The daily commitment to pursue more for her life?  The belief in her potential?  Her roots were going down deep preparing for new growth and protection for what was about to come.

Keeping a pulse on our Energy, Environment, & Empowerment supports us in making the space we need to become who we are meant to be.

Invite in Divine help to support you in feeding and protecting these 3 areas like you would a garden.  Be intentional and make the space that prepares you and protects you in becoming the amazing person you are meant to be.

My heart is with you and for you this Spring,