What holds us back from becoming who we want to be?  Besides the familiar triad of fear, guilt, & shame…oftentimes, it’s as simple as not making the time.   As a coach and founder of our coaching company, Arise&Be, I provide space for women to focus on who they want to become as well as offer tools for creating the life they want.  I love what I do.  Last weekend, we took time out to be intentional about ‘becoming’.  Becoming the person we want to be requires both personal awareness and strategic focus to shape the life we want.  Using art and reflective questioning we spent the day identifying what makes us come alive and discussed what we can do to nurture the life we want.

Here’s how women responded…

The activities with magazines and photos were helpful.  Pictures say what I feel so much better than words.

 I enjoyed identifying pictures that represent the truth of who I am and being reminded of my calling.

 Art allows me to explore areas I usually have trouble ‘unpacking’.

 Time and good questions to ponder made my solo time meaningful.

 The freedom and permission Heather gave to be gracious with myself and not try to force myself into lists, doing things on a schedule like journaling was most significant!

 It was an affirming that helped me feel encouraged about my strengths.

 I learned to embrace myself for my own uniqueness

 I  learned how to let go of those negative noises and name calling. 

 It was so helpful to learn how to identify a false belief that had been holding me back.

 This time helped me define the season of my life

The day was magical, peaceful, and powerful because I experienced breakthrough, assurance, hope, and restoration…all gifts to my heart and journey.

 Totally enriching to my self-worth.  I am very blessed by you, Heather.  Keep doing what you are doing.  I can’t wait to share with the important women in my life.

 The activities helped in reaching my inner core emotions.

Can you see why I love what I get to do?  What an honor to journey with such amazing women.  I am blessed to hold the space we all need to become who we are meant to be.  The world is desperately waiting for each of us to show up for our lives.  Being intentional about creating space to ‘become’ is your best gift to offer.