Dear Friends~

With February being the month that celebrates relationships, I thought it fitting to focus on my second truth for Wholehearted Living…#2 Honoring Relationships.

Recently, I facilitated a workshop for mothers and daughters.  As a mother of a 12-year-old girl, and the adult daughter of an aging mother, it is poignant to witness the beautiful relationships working hard to find the words that express their emotions.  There was a desire to communicate better, clear up misunderstandings, and develop new patterns for relating.  All with the hopes of a closer more trusting relationship.

In the feedback I received from our time together, here’s some of my favorite responses…

It was like a re-kindling of a connection that’s there, but has gradually been weakened over time.

I got to connect with my mom on a deeper level than we’ve ever connected.

With college quickly approaching, taking the time to hear what my mom so desperately wants for me and sharing with her what I need was so beneficial.

Recognizing things about myself and my mom that are alike surprised me!

Most of what my daughter shared I knew intuitively, but this time she got to say it. 

Learning to forgive each other in our communication was significant.   

It was great learning new ways to connect with my daughter. 

Learning to forgive each other in our communication was significant.    

I enjoyed the valuable time spent with my daughter.

 Do you hear the deep desire?  The longing to know one another better?  To be closer?  Does it heighten your awareness for intentionality in this relationship?  Do you feel the strength and the fragility all at the same time?

As I age in my role of mother and daughter, I am realizing the intentionality required to honor this relationship.  It is intricately and synergistically connected to living wholeheartedly.  This is an old wisdom…I know…but one I can easily dismiss.  Keeping this meaningful relationship in the category of ‘sacred’ reminds me to show up well…communicate carefully…forgive easily…clear up misunderstandings…respond with sensitivity…and pursue her heart at all costs.

Let’s step wholeheartedly into this sacred relationship as women.  My heart is wholeheartedly committed to this journey…and I am cheering you on in yours’.