Whew!  What a year!  2014 was intense.  On a professional level, it included:

  • launching a coaching company (no one is EVER fully prepared for starting a new adventure…what a ride!  Oh the places I went!)
  • developing a leadership team (wow…requires A LOT of on-going communication to ensure mission and vision are developed as well as misunderstandings and relationships remain strong)
  • building a communication platform (huh?  Never knew about all the moving parts in this journey…huge learning curve)
  • connecting with amazing people as we considered new adventures (I vacillated on the continuum of a ‘deer in headlights’ to ‘exhilarating rush’ and everything in between with all the connections I encountered…it certainly kept me on an adrenaline rush much of the year),
  • showing up to all sorts of venues to share and teach (you never really know how these things are going to turn out regardless of how much you prepare…I anticipated each event AND simultaneously battled the fear of the unknown), and
  • coaching individuals from around the world (I really really love my clients and feel honored to be in a coaching relationship with each one).

On a personal level the past year included,

  • journeying with a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness (tender spaces),
  • supporting/training/teaching/parenting/guiding/counseling/inspiring/serving/loving my 10-year old son and 12-year old daughter (you know…all the hats we wear as parents and the constant awareness that intentional parenting is always a moving target)
  • partnering with my husband of 21 years in starting our own corporation (this required vigilant intentionality on being a ‘wife’ first instead of always a biz partner…I don’t understand why he doesn’t just love all my great ideas)
  • remaining open to old and new friendships…and all the shifting and changing that comes with this (I love change!…I hate change!  Still working on balance….).

Hmmm…I was a both exhilarated from the ride of a lifetime and a bit tired by the end of the year.  Being an ‘over-achiever visionary’, I reveled in how much I had accomplished…however, being also a ‘contemplative reflector’, I instinctively knew this season needed to shift for on-going sustainability…my spirit felt like it had just been through a massive workout session and now I needed to let my overworked newly stretched ‘muscles’ recover (yes, I learned this from my countless trainers and workout regimes).


            Sidenote for those who appreciate webthinking and rabbit trails….

I know I’m tired when I tend to….. listen to more voices than I should, work/strive harder than necessary, spend more time (ridiculous amounts of time honestly) analyzing until I’m paralyzed with options, get distracted by what others are doing or saying, AND the sure telltale sign… put on weight because I’m trying to soothe my fatigued spirit by eating all my favorites (usually anything high in carbs, creams, fats, & sugars).  Ahhh…the humanity…our bodies don’t let us lie.


It was time for a new season…a season where I returned to what I know is true.

Hence this blog series for 2015 –

Returning to What I Know is True:  12 Truths for Wholehearted Living.

This series is born out of our life journeys and what I have learned along the way in travelling with others.  As well, it is a desire (sometimes really more of a desperate need) to understand and make sense out of the life we choose …specifically in how we grow and move forward.  What is blocking us from having the life we want?  What inspires us to change?  How do we intentionally choose what Brene Brown calls, “wholehearted living”?  This blog series addresses these questions through topics that help us consider new possibilities in the hopes of living more fully…more free…and courageously step into the life we authentically crave.  So… how do we show up well?  By….

Living Fully Present

Honoring Relationships

Holding Tensions

Making Space to ‘Become’

Partnering with Desire

Living Creatively

Engaging Joy

Increasing Clarity

Believing in a Hopeful Future

Growing Confidence

Choosing a Learning Posture

Fostering Courage


Inspired?  Intrigued?  Curious?

Join me in these discussions…I’d love to hear your thoughts.

It is my hope to offer context and perhaps some handles to help frame life experiences, motivate growth, learn from one another, and inspire new possibilities.  And if there is a chance that old dreams are restored…even better.

I welcome your thoughts, experiences, and heart in our weekly discussions as we focus on a truth theme for each month.

Rooting for you in 2015,