In talking with a woman recently, I asked her what questions she had been asking and answering in her life.  Without skipping a beat, she rattled off:

  • How do I win the hearts of people?
  • How do I not disappoint?
  • How do I please those around me?

It was impressive how quickly she identified these questions.  And it was startling how much I could relate.  How much energy had I spent asking questions that stressed me out, kept me anxious, and left me weary?  I thought about some of these harmful questions.  How do I keep up with everything?  How can I fit more into my day?  How do accomplish my immense task list today?  Who do I need to impress?

It is sobering how these questions keep us from showing up fully present for our lives.

We can plow through life at a breakneck speed that destroys the spirit and shreds the heart.  The preciousness of the present moment is not only missed, but destroyed.

As we continued our conversation, it was empowering to rephrase better questions, and we were both inspired by the new possibilities.  How do I show up well today?  Where am I listening?  How are my relationships mutually satisfying?  Where is God leading me back to my authentic sense of self?  What is true?

When we ask better questions, we get better answers.  These answers dictate how we live and to what degree we are living fully present.

What questions are you living in?  Where do you want to ask new ones?


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