In talking with a woman today, we discussed how far she had come in learning how to be open.   Her whole life had dramatically changed in areas of relating positively and powerfully to both herself and others.  She had learned how to care for herself as positively as she cared for others.  She had learned how to establish better boundaries out of love and not anger.  She had learned how to authentically trust herself and grow her inner confidence.  She had learned how to separate herself from other people’s areas of need.  She had learned how to communicate clearly to others regarding her expectations and needs.  Ultimately, she had decided that she was WORTH it and valued taking care of herself mind, body, and heart.  It was a proud moment as we celebrated her growth together.

 Now what?

After we take the journey into reclaiming our power and our voice, it is now time to develop a new mindset that empowers us to keep building on our growth.  There is a necessary shift required from living in the question of “How do I remain open?” to one of “How do I be more intentional in being open?”  This means shifting away from a more passive approach of simply remaining open….to an approach of intentionally pursuing openness.

What does this mean?

Simply put, we get to positively engage our mindset to help us transition. 

For instance, what happens when we don’t get what we were hoping for?  A relationship gets confusing…a once exciting job becomes tedious…a conversation is hurtful…what now?  Staying passively open is not enough.  It is time for intentionality in our openness.

As we focus on the challenge placed in front of us, we get to engage our mindset to participate with us in moving forward.  For instance, when a relationship is confusing, we get to move through the many emotions associated with this and end with an intentional openness such as, “Thank you that clarity is coming.”  When a job becomes tedious, we get to acknowledge this disappointment and then intentionally remain open by having the mindset, “I know that I am made to do more and it will reveal itself when I’m ready.”  When a conversation is hurtful, we get to honor the pain and have the intentional mindset, “I am anticipating healing coming out of this.”  When we choose to land on a positive mindset, it keeps us intentionally open to receiving the abundance waiting for us.

Questions to sit in:

How am I intentionally remaining open today?  What mindset do I need to keep myself intentionally remaining open?