Life is Constantly Transitioning

If we choose to grow, we will grow.  I know…that’s the understatement of the year.  But evolving and growing with life does require an intentional choice….otherwise we will drift.

 When we choose to avoid growth, the reality is we begin to drift further and further away from where we really want to be.  We don’t just stay in a frozen posture like kids in a game of freeze tag waiting to be tagged to get unfrozen (Psst….nobody’s coming to unfreeze us).  We can either choose to embrace the transition constant with the journey of life, or we can go passive allowing ourselves to drift into the unknown.

The unfortunate thing about drifting is that we don’t drift into inspiring things like ‘freedom’ or ‘greatness’.  We drift into areas of bondage and discouragement, like gaining those extra 20 pounds or disliking our job.  We drift into self-sabotage thinking.  We drift into uninspiring relationships.  We drift into increased bondage that robs us of our joy and our passion.  We drift into bitterness and thoughts of revenge.  Until one day….we raise our heads and wonder how we ended up here.

When we drift, somewhere along the way, we have lost hope.

To live a full life, we must live with intentionality.  Rather, we GET to live intentionally.  We GET to choose an inspired life over a life of vague confusion.

The Necessary Ingredient For a Full Life is Living Intentionally


Living intentionally looks like:

  • pursuing our passions and growing our strengths.

  • choosing to forgive and love others well.

  • choosing growth even when it’s uncomfortable and sets goals to move into dreams.

  • daring to believe that life holds purpose.

  • trusting the process.

  • aligning life with big vision.

  • believing in powerful outcomes.

  • daring to dream.

Can you see the thread?  Intentional living requires hope.  We get to believe there is more for us.

Where do you want to foster hope today?  Where do you want to live more intentional?