I captured this moment with my husband and our dog, Beemer in our backyard.  It made me laugh because they both seemed to be pondering the state of their lives together.  Almost as if they both knew their need for a contemplative moment to consider life.

I am reminded of the importance to stop and rest.

 What does rest do for us?

 Rest brings with it clarity of mind…a reminder that the world does not need us as much as we think it does.

 Rest gives us a moment to rejuvenate and refresh our creativity.

 Rest makes us kinder.

 Rest is a form of trust that all will be well.

 Rest is an invitation to others to stop and pause.

 Rest makes us enjoy life more.

We live in a culture that almost seems terrified to rest.  Seriously, what would happen if we took 20 minutes out of our day to sit and rest?  Try it and see what happens.  Notice what comes out of your time of rest…how do you feel?  What are you offering that’s richer?  How are you interacting with relationships?  Is rest hard for you?

 Here’s some ways to intentionally plan rest into your life:

  • Find a daily rhythm to resting such as 20 minutes outside with your dog.

  • Find a weekly rhythm to resting such as 2 hours at a bookstore with a cup of coffee.

  • Find a monthly rhythm to resting such as taking a day off to enjoy the ocean or go on your favorite hike.

  • Find an annual rhythm to resting such as a week vacation to Yosemite or a gorgeous place that inspires you.

When we choose to be intentional about rest, we begin to live with the work life balance we all crave.

If you decide to try this…let me know…I love hearing from people and the Rest Plan they have for their lives.