This may not look much to you.  But it is a quick drawing I just completed this morning.  Why?  Because I need anchors in my life.  I talk a lot about the importance of anchors to keep us grounded and growing our roots down deep into the life we want.

When we engage the right side of the brain through art, we give the truth a chance to take root.  A picture truly is worth more than a thousand words.  I can remember pictures that anchor me over the years….But I easily forget the words and pages I write.

So, I thought I’d share how I anchor myself to remember the deep truths I want to hang onto.  This is a great exercise when you are feeling anxious or nervous in life.

Being a person of faith, I often use verses from the Bible to remind me regarding who I am and the belief I hold in a Divine Force (I call God) that is guiding me and leading me.

 Psalm 139:3-5

 You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest.

You know what I am going to say even before I say it, God.

You both precede and follow me.

You place your hand of blessing on my head. 


This is a passage I learned as a child and it has stuck with me over the years.  I like it because it reminds me that Someone bigger and more powerful is guiding me and caring for my path in life.

 Why do I need this as an anchor?

Because I can drift into the mindset that I am all alone and that I have to figure life out by myself.  One of the biggest truths I’ve learned is that there is a Loving Divine Force that is guiding me caring for me and creating my path.  Remembering this pushes back the anxiety and grows both clarity and confidence at my deepest core.

Try taking an inspirational thought, passage, or even a song and make it into a drawing.  You can spend hours on it or something simple like my drawing with stick figures.  I’ve done both.  Either way, you will begin to find your anchors through the pictures you develop.  What do you want to remember?  What anchors you when you are feeling anxious?  Capture it through a visual to help your mind and heart hang onto it when you need it most.

Share your anchor with me. You can text or email with other from all over the world. I love seeing the visual anchors people have created for their journey.