In talking with a woman recently, she opened the conversation describing her day like this,  “From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, my mind is swirling with activity.  I start the day with a jolt of caffeine to get me going…and then the race begins…I begin the frantic pace of tackling my ‘to do list’ before my teeth are even brushed!  I find myself wondering why I am always in such a state of constant hurry.”

I know the feeling.

There is a ‘high’ we over-achievers get from hitting the ground running and checking off our list.  Anyone relate?  It makes us feel powerful to be so productive, doesn’t it?  Certainly some days just work out like this, but when I asked her how she was doing, she shared her constant companion of anxiety as well as living with an overall sense of weariness.

Yes, I know.  I’ve been at this place too.  It’s interesting how some life lessons need to be revisited…over and over….and over again.  For me, it is remembering the power of being still.  In the quietness I have learned that wisdom visits.  In the stillness I find better questions and better answers.

In a busy, over-stimulated, and driving world, I am struck with the power of stillness and intentionally choosing quietness.  What is in the power of quietness?  In both my own experience as well as working with clients, I am witness to the tug we all face to stay busy….to say in motion…to stay productive.   When the truth is….Quietness allows us to rest in who we areit increases clarity about next steps…it builds confidence about where we are going…it produces courage to keep us on our life path.  Why then do we fight it so much?

Living intentional requires a commitment to daily stillness.  Find some time to pull away and release the wisdom, clarity, and peace quietness offers.