Getting ‘unstuck’ in life is not easily done. Wasn’t it Dr. Seuss that said this?

I cross paths regularly with individuals feeling stuck in their life, and I have the honor of journeying with them in finding the courage, clarity, and confidence needed in moving forward. I am all too familiar with this issue in my own life. It seems to be in the very fabric of humanity. Why don’t we move forward in the direction of the life we want and what makes us stuck? Asking ourselves questions is a great place to start…such as, What do I want? Why am I afraid? Where do I want to move forward? What is blocking me? What would support look like? Not only is there wisdom in asking the question, but courage is also required in waiting for the answer. Oftentimes we throw the questions out as prayers on the wind and turn our back on the question before it’s even left our heart. In doing this, we rob ourselves from receiving the answer our heart craves. To support this journey, recognize the importance of our relationships. Choosing our community with those who value the waiting process will give us the courage and support to wait for the answer to come.