Gain clarity to identify what is important to you. Clarity increases through the coaching partnership Don't we all need a little more clarity? as we set goals and take actionable steps to succeed. Imagine having someone in your life who is completely focused on your life development. Someone who encourages you to refine your clarity for the purpose of setting goals and moving into the life you want. Start your journey with Heather today as you explore the possibilities of what’s next for you.


Increase your confidence to step into the life you really want.  Everyday offers the choice to move forward or to stay stuck.  Confidence inspires forward momentum Yes, please! and working in a coaching relationship supports the process of identifying what has held you back as you prepare to launch into what’s next.  You get to be who you long to be.  You get to confidently offer your story to a world waiting for you to show up.


As clarity and confidence increases in the coaching relationship, personal courage grows.  Courage is needed to take necessary risks and reach outside our comfort zones.  The coaching relationship serves as an incubator to grow courageous thinking Don't be afraid to take risks! to try new things, consider new possibilities, and dare to live differently.  Heather is passionate about offering practical tools to be your strongest champion.  Invite yourself into a powerful new way of thinking.

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Be true to your authentic self and awaken
the possibility of what you have to offer.

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Questions are foundational for the coaching relationship. Using good questions gets us to the answers we need to keep us moving forward. These are some of the questions we ask in the coaching relationship:

  • Instead of asking “What’s wrong with me?” Let’s ask “What’s right with me?”
  • How do I offer my best to my personal and professional relationships?
  • Where do I want to explore and expand my voice?
  • What’s holding me back from moving into what I really want?
  • How do I name what is missing from my life and how do I get to fill this void?
  • What’s the best way for me to transition? How do I transition well?
  • What inspires me? What motivates me?
  • How do I best engage my passions?
  • How do I overcome the obstacles I am facing?
  • How do I identify what I really want?
  • How can I best balance my personal life and my professional life and still feel successful in both?
  • What is best for my mind, body & heart?

The coaching relationship involves weekly conversations where you are supported in your personal goals, as you are inspired to consider new possibilities. Benefits of professional life coaching include:

  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges you’re facing
  • Opportunity for personal reflection with someone who is totally FOR you
  • Greater interpersonal skills that foster relationships
  • Showing up well in your personal and professional life and offering your best to others
  • Engaging your potential and trusting your intuition
  • Feeling at peace with your authentic self
  • Moving successfully forward into lifelong ambitions
  • Fostering confidence, clarity and courage to take action
  • Envisioning your life purpose with clarity
  • Navigating the direction of your life with increased confidence
  • Renewed intentionality
  • Increased hope and energy

Dr. Heather Penny is a professional coach, trusted advisor and engaging speaker. She encourages individuals to step into their best life as they recognize the unique strengths they have to offer. Heather draws out fresh ideas and actionable goals to focus on forward momentum. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Services, with extensive global experience in consulting as well as an M.A. in Educational Leadership. As a professional coach, Heather serves her clients by drawing out their natural strengths and motivated direction. She guides her clients into clarity, confidence and courage through the professional coaching process and believes the world needs the gifts each person has to offer. The highlight for her, is a life well lived. Heather enjoys life in Northern California with her husband and two children.

Live intentionally… Your time is now. Looking forward to our first conversation.